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5 Tip to Write Effective Content for Your Website and Blog

How to increase audience with content writing

5 Tip to Write Effective Content for Your Website and Blog

20:02 05 August in Content marketing

Whenever, social media is used for content marketing strategies, digital marketing agencies Sydney is providing you must follow certain vital strategies and methodologies to achieve effective reach. Even the best content becomes useless when these aspects of content design are ignored.

Content Design: The content that is used should be segment-specific, searchable and shareable

Segment – Specific
The audience segment for which the content has been written should be clearly identified.
Do your contents cater for this particular segment of users? Various Online and offline tools are available that can help to determine what target audience is looking for.
For example,Twitter Advanced Search provides the online hashtags, words phrases that are used by audience while searching. Keeping track of the social media conversations using certain free listening (Google –alerts, addict-o-matic, Klout, blogs like Hotsuite,Cyfe are a few names) tools can provide useful insight into the minds of users. Setting up streams in listening tools and monitoring the hash tag with different keywords proves very useful. For example the hashtag # energy source can be used for solar energy, wind energy, sustainable energy. Tracking the streams and identifying the key topics, major concerns have to be noted down.
Meanwhile, a smooth user experience on landing page is a must. A page that looks messy makes the uninterested users frustrated. Thus, using the read more hyperlinks and a content hub that provides users with adequate number of articles on the topic they are looking for in a distinct section of the website is also important. Changing trends in segment-composition with time is also vital for tracking.

The content should be searchable for your audience, and the search words or phrases should be well-analyzed and incorporated into the content. Google’s Keyword Planner, Visibility explorer in Conductor’s Searchlight program, are some of the helpful tools in this regard.

Your shareable content should be monitored on a regular basis.

Investing in circulating your contents on social media channels proves to be a winning marketing strategy.

Catering for Spiders:
The frequency of content publishing should be adequate. Publishing new content on regular basis is vital. The pages that keep users engaged have greater chance to be rewarded.
The way various contents are organized on your website plays a key role in getting selection from spiders.
Having valuable inbound links on pages from other contributors of authoritative websites helps spiders to recognize your page.
Search rankings are also influenced by links users provide to your website on their social accounts.

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