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Cloud Services

"Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services such as servers, storage, databases and applications over the Internet (“the cloud”), offering efficient, scalable, flexible and geo-redundant computing environment."

Cloud Migration Services

We work with you to determine the right cloud strategy, with full visibility into your current legacy systems and future requirements.  

Additionally, we execute a seamless migration to the Cloud, that is efficient, secure and cost-effective.

Cloud Migration

We plan and deploy reliable on-premise server-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud migrations using Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

Email Migration

Email and Calendar migration from your On-premises Exchange server, or Web hosting email to Office 365 or Google Apps

Database Migration

Migrate your on-premises databases to Azure or Google Cloud database, increasing your database scalability and flexibility

Why would you Migrate to the Cloud?

Cost reduction

You don’t need to purchase expensive server equipment, pay substantial electricity bills.

Also you cut operational expenses as your team will spend less time on hardware maintenance and backup restore testing


You can easily respond to increased computing demand or lower your computing resources when it’s necessary, all done with minimal time and effort


Cloud provides such as AWS Azure or Google cloud will regularly upgrade their services and make sure that they are compliant with different regulations, aim of these measures is to reduce cyber attacks on their customers.


Cloud service providers will usually use clustering (group of linked servers), so instead of running on single server you are using cluster of servers acting as one, this provides higher availability and increase uptime by 99%

Technology  Partners

  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft
  • Eset
  • Storagecraft
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cisco
  • VMware
  • Veeam
  • Acronis
  • Datto
  • Dell
  • Lenovo