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Managed Backup and Business Continuity

When disaster hits, you want your MSP to have a fully functional and tested BCDR plan, minimising downtime and getting your ICT functions back up and running in a timely fashion.

Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery?


Business Continuity (BC) is interconnected with Disaster Recovery (DR), forming what is called BCDR.


A BCDR plan ensures that your organization can resume employee-facing and customer-facing ICT functions, in case of natural disasters, security breaches or ransomware attacks.


Data Backup


Backup is the process of creating an external copy of your data, to a local device and Off-site ( Cloud Backup), backup will allow you to retrieve a lost or damaged file or e-mail, backups are used for long-term data archival.


Unfortunately, natural disasters, security breaches and ransomware attacks can all bring down your ICT functions, disaster recovery and business continuity planning are critical for minimizing the impact of unplanned downtime on your business.

Downtime in ICT functions can hinder customer interactions, reduce employee productivity, destroy data and halt business processes.

Don’t wait for disaster to happen. For most organizations, backup and disaster recovery strategies are absolutely critical to keep your business operational. Organizations must address ICT recovery by creating a comprehensive BCDR.
Backup and disaster recovery plans can help only if they are designed, deployed and tested long before they are needed.
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Benefits of Managed Backup Services


The rising threat of cyberattacks can easily overwhelm a small in-house IT team. With managed backup, local backup and cloud backup processes are proactively monitored, and failures will be addressed and resolved right away.


One of the most important benefits of managed backup is that you can rest easy knowing your corporate data is protected in the event of a cyberattack, ransomware or disaster. With managed backup and a disaster recovery plan in place, your business can recover faster.


Meeting IT compliance requirements is an essential part of organizations in heavily regulated markets. Your MSP will take care of IT compliance, so you can focus on running your business.

Cost Reduction

By partnering with a managed backup service provider, you can free your IT staff from the time-consuming task of overseeing data backups so they can focus on your everyday IT needs.

Technology Partners

  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft
  • Eset
  • Storagecraft
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cisco
  • VMware
  • Veeam
  • Acronis
  • Datto
  • Dell
  • Lenovo