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Google Apps for Business | A More Efficient Way to Work

Google Apps for Business | A more efficient way to work

“All-in-one suite to communicate, store and create”

Google Apps for Business is an Enterprise Grade Solution that can cater from
1 user to 1k+ users.

Hosted on Enterprise grade virtual servers across the globe Google is an all in one low cost solution for your email and documents collaboration with simple
clear pricing, backed up with powerful support team 24/7

Compare Google Apps editions .

Migration from Exchange 2003 and above

We have been installing and maintaining Exchange server since 2002, and with exchange servers on premises beside Microsoft licensing, you will need to have also the following:

– Anti-Spam solution | Anti-Virus Solution | Archiving Solution

– SSL Certificate | Managed service agreement to manage and maintain your exchange server

– Backup solution  | Disaster recovery plan.


All this requires yearly cost which is eliminated by migrating to Google Apps.


Studies show that by Migrating to Google apps you bring 304% ROI Read more about ROI from Google

Why would you migrate to Google Apps

  • Supported on all smart devices and works great with Microsoft Outlook,
  • All you emails are online and you can search your mobile device for emails going years back,
  • No need to have on premises server and local backups for your email archives,
  • You have 30GB of space for emails and documents and you can always increase them if you want,
  • Email Account is managed from the cloud, creating users, deleting users, even moving data from one user to the other,
  • Only cost $5 per user Monthly,
  • 24/7 Google support in any Google Apps related matter, all part of your monthly fee,
  • Anti-spam and Antivirus is also part of your monthly fee,
  • Google Enterprise level system have a look on Google data center
  • Free your organization from locally managed server,
  • Combine all your business domains under 1 account.

Why would I use a Google Apps Reseller?

Google Apps Resellers offer a number of valuable services to organizations who wish to Go Google.


The migration process can be time consuming (primarily for larger organizations), so many people choose to employ a Reseller like us.


Migration to Google Apps is one of our main ongoing projects and we have 3 to 4 Migrations happening monthly which varies from 3 to 100’s of users.


We successfully migrated users from various email systems and different exchange versions of Exchange servers starting from Exchange 2003.


The whole process is seamless to the user, with our pre and post migration plan and we deliver an exceptional end user experience. We also provide change management and training services.