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How Cloud Service Gives You A Business Advantage?

How Cloud Service Gives You A Business Advantage?

18:42 19 August in blog, Cloud Computing

Cloud Services refer to any stratagem that can be availed over the internet. The most common internet resource facilities that are available on the internet are collectively termed s the SPI. Here ‘SaaS’ stands for Software as a Service,’ PaaS’ for Platform as a Service and ‘IaaS’ stands for Infrastructure as a Service.

SaaS is a model that allows sharing of software and applications by a vendor to the customers over a shared network commonly the internet.

PaaS engages all operating systems and services related to it that that can be rendered over the internet without the need of any kind of download and installations.

IaaS involves outsourcing of equipment that is involved in storage, operations, supporting hardware servers and networking components all of which can be accessed over the network. The term cloud computing has become prevalent instead of cloud services.

Standards Used in Cloud Computing

Though the standards that are used in network-based cloud-computing services are fully-defined, most of the vendors have their own set of pre-defined standards to be used for internet based provision of services. IBM’s Blue Cloud is an example of cloud computing services based on open-source software in which computers shared in a network can rendered Web 2.0 applications like mash-ups or mobile commerce.

Cloud computing is a mean to Enhance Small Businesses.
Cloud computing would be great for setting new business, where you won’t need an upfront budget and ongoing high cost maintenance. Thus, cloud computing eliminates the need for costly local infrastructure, also can be used to access and acquire resources as you need and in a flexible manner. This can also be a viable answer to constantly changing business needs.

Small business services can make use of pay-as-you-go service that allows expansion and shrinking of services as required or as the business grows, payment is only done for the resources that have been utilized.

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