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5 Highly Effective On-page Optimization SEO Tips

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5 Highly Effective On-page Optimization SEO Tips

18:26 05 September in blog, Online Marekting

Keeping your site at higher ranks is definitely a Herculean task that would never end and might even sometime give jitters to even experienced webmasters.  Search engines keep on dodging with the algorithms in order to achieve the most important goal of exhibiting the most relevant results at the top.

Many factors affect the position of the website in search engine results. The main factors that affect the ranking of the website include website content, authority, reputation, performance. The last two are directly based on user experience. The SEO specialists of almost all IT Support services companies know about these basic principles governing website performance.

It might be difficult to get inbound links of high-quality form authoritative sites, it is quiet easy to make simple on-site optimization. This makes the site more attractive to search engines and Google brings it to the top.

  1. Having an up-to-date Keywords List

The correct use of keywords is highly important, so a thorough research on keywords should be conducted before planning to write the content. The Google Keyword planner helps greatly in making a plan for this important strategy. Timely and regular searches should be conducted again and again to ensure that the keywords are fresh and relevant. Using both the rare and popular keywords is the key to success.

  1. Optimizing the content

The content strategy should be effective and content should be well-optimized for suitability of users. Ideally, each page should have a small-text that is unique, informative and valuable for the users. The keywords list should be relevant to the content. The density of keywords should be proportional to the amount of content. The use of keywords in the heading tag I very important for optimization.

  1. Framing Page Titles as per SEO strategy

The title of the page should be relevant to the content and describe the content of the page and should preferably enclose the target keyword. The title should be limited to 70 characters so that it does not get cropped from the search display results. Making titles attractive to users and satisfying to queries of users should be considered.

  1. Optimize the URLS

The URLS of the page should be equivalent to page titles in ideal conditions. This criterion greatly helps in figuring in search results. The presence of keywords in the URLs is an added advantage. However, changing URLs for sites that rank well should not be considered. Except in new websites, renaming the URLs of pages of websites that are already indexed in the Search Engine would lead to 404 errors. Redirecting the pages has to be done in that case by use of 301.

  1. Meta Descriptions for Important pages

Meta-descriptions tags should be made for at least the important pages and these should be limited to 160 words. Meta –tags of the page and the title should be relevant for the content. Every page should have its own meta-description.  The little paragraph of meta-tag descriptions also serves as an opportunity to advertise the content of the page to searchers and lets them become familiar with what should be expected on the page.

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